Susan Tiede

I am Susan Tiede. I am a foot zone practitioner and educator. I teach foot zoning online so you can learn it anywhere in the world.

I would say if you want to work with someone who is really real and down to earth and makes everything fun and exciting, then you want Tyler. I knew that I liked Tyler. I liked the way that he taught things. I love his authenticity and his desire to really help you be the best that you can be, and he cares about that - and it's different for every person. I know that when he's teaching me he cares about me and he cares about the people in my line who I want to help and helping me to see things from different perspectives and I love that about him. Every time I need him he's there for me and it's been really awesome to have this guy who looks like he's 16 years old be my mentor and teach me so many amazing things in my desire to move forward and help other people.

Probably the most benefit that I have seen is that he really helps me to change my mindset about things. When I feel discouraged or I've had things happen that maybe haven't been what I wanted to happen, he helps me see the good in things and helps me turn things around to be good, even if I wasn't seeing it that way. It helps me move forward with more confidence, more hope, and faith. I know when I experience things that he'll be there for me. He's a friend. He's not just a mentor, he's a friend. I feel connected to him as a friend and I know that will last for the rest of our lives. I love to see his success as much as I know he loves to see mine. I look forward to all the times that I get to spend with him. I look forward to his events cause they're outstanding. I've been to a lot of events but when I go to his events, I come back with real materials that have changed my life and I love that.