Pedro Garcia

I set out on my own journey to discover who can I help, who can I assist. Being someone who is trained as a Shaman, my job is to serve the world, to serve people. It was very painful to not be able to communicate what I could offer - what I could do for them. Working with Tyler has shown me that the only thing that's required for you to create an impact in people's lives is for you to be you. He was able to get down to understanding my frustrations.

I saw it - he showed my vision of what I could become if I learned to communicate my message. I was able to get more clients because they trusted me and they understood. Going from making $25 for half an hour to enrolling somebody into a $2000 program. I went from having almost no clients in a week to having a little more than I can handle. I can definitely say that working with Tyler has allowed me to use my unique skills and my gifts to serve the people who want to create great change. I am now working more specifically with people who want to create a better world. I am working with entrepreneurs. I'm working with mentors. I'm working with coaches who have that same vision of creating a better world. The only thing I can say is that it's fulfilling.