Colleen Corbett

I felt like I had this passion inside. I felt like I wanted to share something with people but I didn't know how and at the same time I felt like, "Who am I to say anything?" I still had a lot of negative thoughts. Working with Tyler has shown me that I am capable. I have made a huge amount of progress in a short amount of time working on myself. When he presented here's what you can do, I said, "Yes! I gotta do it."

I actually like myself now and I can say that and mean it. I said, "This is so wonderful I need to be able to share it." By him saying, "Ya, we can help you," he really said, "You're worth something." I was struggling a lot with self-worth so to find someone who said, "Ya, you're worth helping," once again, that's priceless. It's really stretched me and made me grow. Life-changing. Definitely.